Installation troubles

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Tue, 07/28/2015 - 06:47
Installation troubles


I first tried to do a manual install, from an up to date drupal (drupal 7.38, media 2.0 beta1) :

1. There are 3 modules not availaible from the drupal site : custom, md_pricing_table, springspray. I guess it's all megadrupal material needed for the theme ? It would have been easier to understand with one megadrupal module, no ?

2. I got a wsod going to the preference page of the theme : "Fatal error: Call to undefined function media_browser_js() in /xxxxxx/sites/all/themes/md_springspray/theme-settings.php on line 16". I managed to get over it, adding a media_browser_js() function in sites/all/modules/media/includes/ I found in the drupalcontrib site [1] !?

3. I could then access theme preference page but changing logo was impossible. I found a "TypeError: $(...).on is not a function" preventing theme script.js to work ok... then troubles with jquery migrate ... enough.

4. I installed the 'installation profile' with no problem. Site working. But security upgrades was needed. Did them. Site stop working with same error (in 2.) !

Could you help ?


Sorry for english errors, I'm french.

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Tue, 07/28/2015 - 23:48

Hi Pjbr,

About your problems:

1, Please take a look at and try these 3 modules. If you can not understand which and where, please send questions to us.

2, We think you should use module media 2.0 alpha-4 because beta-1 version still has many errors.

3, Please check, maybe some files are missing.

4, You can update modules but except module media 2.0 (keep version 2.0 alpha-4 in use). The reason we talked above.

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