Problems with latin ex characters

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Wed, 04/15/2015 - 02:13
Problems with latin ex characters


great theme, some problems with latin ex character. At first when I insert them it shows them ok, but further editing they it doesnt recognize them:

Želimo našim - želimo naÅ¡im

Some help needed.


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Wed, 04/15/2015 - 23:58


You can try this way: 
- In file (modules/simplr_page_builder/inc/
- Line 69, function spb_save_page() please add:
drupal_add_http_header('Content-Type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8');

Please inspecting (F12), 

1. click on "network" tab
2. click on "Clear" button
3. Edit your paragraph, where the error occurs, using Simplr Pagebuilder
4. Save
5. Then you can see the path. Just click on the path.
6. In the right sidebar, click on tab Header
7. check your PHP version 
8. check Charset
If PHP version < 5.4 or your charset is not UTF-8, the error will occur. 

((Please use Chrome))

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