Missing modules.zip

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Mon, 08/15/2016 - 12:54
Missing modules.zip

I purchased Oldal for drupal from ThemeForest 2 days ago and there is a lot wrong with it. 

How do I fix all these things? 

The modules.zip is missing. Is there supposed to be a modules.zip included? 

The documention says to include the ckeditor and superfish libraries but they were not included in the files. Only the colourpicker and tinymce libraries are included. Is the documention old? 

I have the oldal_features module in my modules list but I can't enable it. It doesn't show the required modules. The description column is blank. 

The save button for the theme settings is off the bottom of the page and I can't click on it. Do I need a specific admin theme? I'm running Shiny for the admin. 

Is the Commerce module required? I don't want to use it. I've already got Ubercart set up. Do I have to install Commerce? 

I found many modules in oldal_features.info that are not in the documentation as required modules. Why are they not listed? 

One of the required modules is mediafield (written in the oldal_features.info file). But there is no mediafield module for Drupal 7. Where do I get this? 

It says Toolbar is one of the required modules. I have this disabled because I use a different admin toolbar. Do I have to use the Toolbar module? 



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Tue, 08/16/2016 - 21:45


1. Please check your email for modules.zip file.

2. This theme goes with Drupal Commerce module so if you disable it you have to edit in the theme also because this theme uses some functions and variables of Drupal Commerce.

3. CKEditor is a licensed plugin so we replaced it by tinymce.

4. You can use any admin theme that you want.

5. Just enable Toolbar module. It is Drupal Core module.


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