Several issues

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Mon, 11/03/2014 - 07:57
Several issues

Hi Candy,

I am trying to personalize my site have encountered several issues:

1. I can't use the entities titles that came with the theme. For example: Portfolio. I changed the Content Type Name from Portfolio to Project. I updated he Menus and Views to reflect that but the navigation uses an internal link to the page and I can't find where it's supposed to be.
Blog became News (& Events)
About became Bio
Resume became C.V.
Portfolio became Projects
Service became Research

2. In the process of trying to get the menu pointing to the correct "page" I realized I needed to ensure that the Blocks were correctly associated with the respective content. The only issue is Blog (News). There is no location to add the Blog and when I placed it in a region (I wanted it above About/Bio) so I placed in the About Region all the content of the side bars disappeared.
Also, every time I select Blog/News the Header loads with it. That is a nuisance as one have to wait for the page to load and figure out that the page needs to be scrolled down for the content for the Blog/News to appear.

3. The theme has a lovely description entry area for each portfolio/project page but when in the Portfolio there is option to see the the description. I tried views but I ended up messing up the site. How can I add a link in the image to see the description as well?

I love the design but the fact that most of the Drupal entity behaviors are overwritten by js has made it very hard to personalize the theme. I wished the documentation was better written as even the basic stuff like creating a new block area does not even match the Chulan theme.

Cheers and thanks,

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Mon, 11/03/2014 - 11:50

I also can't change the text format through Drupal. It seems that there is a script somewhere that is forcing the text to be filtered.

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