Drupal 8.5.4 full width slider

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Brian Little
Sun, 07/08/2018 - 05:54
Drupal 8.5.4 full width slider

Hi,  I'm using the Slider on  Drupal  v8.5.4 w/Bootstrap 3 v8.x-3.9.  The full width isn't working no matter what block I place it in.  I also created a new slider just to test.  I searched the forums but didn't find anything that would help.  I saw an older entry for I believe version D7 where you have the person changed md-item-wrap however I didn't see that in the css file.  Is there a similar setting in the css file to fix the full width issue?     Here is my site; https://dev.cbcwoodbridge.org/

BTW,  I really like the slider this very easy to use.  Keep up the great work.

Thank you


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Sun, 07/08/2018 - 23:25

Hi there

We have checked your site. We see that block-md-slider already get full width of parent tag <div class="region region-header">

However, there are 2 white spaces (padding 15px) on the left and on the right of slider at frontend

This is because of your bootstrap theme, 

<div class="col-sm-12" role="heading"> is the parent tag of <div class="region region-header"> and it is getting padding  left - right 15px.

You can edit your theme's HTML structure or use the following css code for the slider in header region 

.region-header .block-md-slider{margin-left: -15px;  margin-right: -15px;}

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