Background / Timing / Cloning

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Thu, 05/19/2016 - 18:33
Background / Timing / Cloning

A slideshow we are developing for a client has several problems:

  1. We have two images on a slide -- one set as the background, the other set as an image that covers the background part way through the slide animation. The top image is set with no end tranition, yet as one slide changes to the next there is a quick blip where the background image is revealed before moving to the next slide.

  2. The timing of the slides isn't respected. For instance, I have a slide setup for 6 seconds, half way through an image appears and should be on screen for 3 seconds. It barly blips before going to the next slide.

  3. When you use the clone slide function the new slide layers are in a completely different order from the original. Not exactly a clone.

Out of these issues 1 and 2 are extremely problematic and need to be resoved as quickly as possible. The last one is simply a bug that could be dealt with when you have time.

We're running Drupal 7. It's a new install

Thank you.

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Fri, 05/20/2016 - 00:31


About problems 1 & 2: Could you send us your site admin account by private comment? We need to check situation then find a solution.

About problem 3: We will fix and send you an update ASAP.

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Thu, 05/26/2016 - 04:06

Please check your email for the updated file md_slider/js/md-slider-panel.js for issue #3

Issue #1 and # 2: Our module has not supported multi backgounds yet. Our Slider is built to support only 1 background at the moment. If there are more than 1 backgound, we need to change the timeline setting also. The next version will be upgraded with new UI and more features.

(Your trick needs solving the problem of resizing browser, too. See the image below:)

Image title

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