Mega Slider 2.18 freezes on the background of first slide

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Fri, 09/18/2015 - 20:03
Mega Slider 2.18 freezes on the background of first slide

The slider works fine for the first cycle. After the cycle comes back to the first slides it loads the slide background and then freezes. Page has to be refreshed.

The error is:

Uncaught TypeError: jQuery.easing[jQuery.easing.def] is not a function.

Please fix

    1. @ js_xAPl0qIk9eowy_iS9tNkCWXLUVoat94SQT48UBCFkyQ.js:156
      e @ js_xAPl0qIk9eowy_iS9tNkCWXLUVoat94SQT48UBCFkyQ.js:153
      c.fx.custom @ js_xAPl0qIk9eowy_iS9tNkCWXLUVoat94SQT48UBCFkyQ.js:154
      (anonymous function) @ js_xAPl0qIk9eowy_iS9tNkCWXLUVoat94SQT48UBCFkyQ.js:151
      b.extend.each @ js_xAPl0qIk9eowy_iS9tNkCWXLUVoat94SQT48UBCFkyQ.js:33
      (anonymous function) @ js_xAPl0qIk9eowy_iS9tNkCWXLUVoat94SQT48UBCFkyQ.js:150
      c.extend.dequeue @ js_xAPl0qIk9eowy_iS9tNkCWXLUVoat94SQT48UBCFkyQ.js:47
      (anonymous function) @ js_xAPl0qIk9eowy_iS9tNkCWXLUVoat94SQT48UBCFkyQ.js:47
      b.extend.each @ js_xAPl0qIk9eowy_iS9tNkCWXLUVoat94SQT48UBCFkyQ.js:34
      b.fn.b.each @ js_xAPl0qIk9eowy_iS9tNkCWXLUVoat94SQT48UBCFkyQ.js:27
      c.fn.extend.queue @ js_xAPl0qIk9eowy_iS9tNkCWXLUVoat94SQT48UBCFkyQ.js:47
      c.fn.extend.animate @ js_xAPl0qIk9eowy_iS9tNkCWXLUVoat94SQT48UBCFkyQ.js:149
      (anonymous function) @ js_S7pyeozUTlIkrzwdnS_PL2OpFAF23kdi8xf71tqmgak.js:156
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Sat, 09/19/2015 - 06:33


We will check and reply ASAP :)

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Sun, 09/20/2015 - 21:29


It seems this only happens with the Top Curtain Transition. I sleected a different transition for this slide and now it works fine


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