MD Wedding Documentation's Document

MD Wedding Documentation Drupal theme document

I. How to install

So you've purchased MD Wedding theme and you are trying to get it up and running on your website?

To install MD Wedding theme, is not much different to installing any other (free) Drupal theme. You'll not need to create content type or configure views modules to have it functioning like our demos because we have features module to do it for you (or you can use MD Wedding installation profile and start upload content to your website)

I.1. Auto install using demo profile

Download & extract md_wedding_demo to your web folder, and run your_drupal_site/install.php. Choose MD Wedding in "Select an installation profile" step.

I.2. Manual install

I.2.1 Install theme

  • Download your theme file from your MegaDrupal account.
  • Extract theme and upload to: your_drupal_site/sites/all/themes/
  • Login to your website, click to "Appearance", you will see MD Wedding theme in "Disabled themes" list. Click "Enable and set default".

I.2.2 Install modules

  • After install MD Wedding theme, you can download & enable which helps you automatic create content type, fields, views...
  • Features (require by md_wedding_features module)
  • Image URL Formatter
  • Superfish
  • Views
  • MD Twitter (download from your MegaDrupal account)

I.2.3 Configure modules

MD Twitter

After install MD Twitter module, go to "configuration" and find "Twitter block" on "User interface", you can change your twitter account, number of tweets here.

Configure superfish for dropdown menu

If you want to use dropdown menu on your website, enable Superfish module.

Go to "Structure -> Block" and drag "Superfish: Main menu (Superfish)" to "Superfish menu" region.

Click to "configure" and choose superfish settings "Style" to none. That's all for Superfish

II. How to customize

You can custom your website use theme settings.

1. Theme settings

From toolbar, click to "Appearance" and "settings" next to MD Wedding theme. Here you can upload custom logo, custom favicon, change settings for slider, layout, node...

In Layout settings, you can change number of column in From page blocks, bottom blocks, sidebar position and blog/portfolio page display:

2. Configure & use slider

First, go to "Structure -> Blocks" and enable your desire slider.

Next, back to MD Wedding theme settings and click to Slider settings, you'll see a list of sliders to configure. Click to slide you want to customize.

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