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Getting Started


So you've purchased a MegaDrupal theme and you are trying to get it up and running on your website?

To install a MegaDrupal theme, is not much different to installing any other (free) Drupal theme. Remember though, you'll need to set up your theme setting, create content type afterwards to have it functioning like our demos (or you can use our installation profile)

Below is a quick overview of the Drupal "Install New Theme" method:

  1. Download your theme file from your MegaDrupal account.
  2. Extract theme and up load to: your_drupal_site/sites/all/themes/
  3. Login to your website, click to "Appearance", you will see MegaDrupal theme in "Disabled themes" list. Click "Enable and set default" after MegaDrupal theme

Auto enable features

After install MD Visual theme, you can download & enable which helps you automatic create content type, fields, views... and ignore step How to

How To (enable features step by step)

Create content type and add fields

From admin menu, go to Structure / Content type/ Add content type and Add "blog" and "work" content

Content type: Blog

Add default image field to Blog:

Content type: Work

You need to add 2 fields: slideshow and workimg as this image:

Setup image style

From admin menu, go to Configuration / Image Styles and Create: blog, popular, slideshow, work, work-thumb styles with these settings

Additional Modules

MD Twitter

MD Twitter module help you display your latest tweet. Just enter your twitter account, number of tweet and enable MD Twitter block.


"Slideshow", "Recent Project" and "Latest From Blog" blocks were created by Views modules. You need download this module, extract to your_drupal_site/sites/all/modules and enable it from drupal admin

After enable views, go to Structure / Views and import what you need:


Block Regions

MD Visual comes with 12 block regions

  1. Superfish menu
  2. Help
  3. Page top
  4. Page bottom
  5. Highlighted
  6. Slide Show
  7. Frontpage Content
  8. Content
  9. Sidebar
  10. Bottom first column
  11. Bottom second column
  12. Bottom third column
  13. Bottom fourth column
  14. Footer
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